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SCI 220 WileyPLUS® Week 2 Quiz (***** 30/30 Correct *****)


1. Click here to view the How It Works animation.

Insulin stimulates synthesis of _____in liver and fat cells

·         chylomicrons

·         lipoproteins

·         cholesterol

·         triglycerides


2. Which of the following is an example of a complex carbohydrate?

·         lactose

·         glucose

·         galactose

·         glycogen


3. Which is incorrect concerning type 1 diabetes?

·         It is an autoimmune disease.

·         It accounts for 5 to 10% of diabetes cases.

·         It is usually managed with exercise and diet alone.

·         It is usually diagnosed before age 30.


4. Your friend Jason has diabetes and developed hypoglycemia. Of the following situations, which is the most likely reason why he developed hypoglycemia?


·         He ate too much refined carbohydrate.

·         He drank too much water.

·         He took too much of his medication that is used to control his blood sugar.

·         It was probably warm outside and he sweat excessively.


5. Line B shows the glycemic response after eating potatoes. Which of the following foods is most likely to cause a glycemic response similar to that shown in line B?

·         Dinner roll

·         Peanut butter

·         Egg

·         Cheddar cheese


6. Which is NOT true about artificial sweeteners?

·         They can help reduce the incidence of dental caries by replacing sugar in the diet.

·         They can help manage blood sugar levels by replacing sugar in the diet.

·         The only safe choice currently sold is stevia which is marketed as Truvia.

·         Saccharin was taken off the government’s list of cancer-causing substances in 2000.


7. Click here to view the How It Works animation.


Molecules of glucose move through small intestinal villi into the bloodstream and then move to the _____vein and into the liver.

·         coronary

·         abdominal

·         hepatic portal

·         all of these


8. Which metabolic pathway yields the greatest amount of ATP via cellular respiration?

·         anaerobic glycolysis

·         aerobic metabolism

·         glycogenolysis

·         glycogenesis


9. When soluble fiber is present in the digestive tract, the fiber binds ____ so that they are excreted rather than absorbed. This helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body.

·         bile acids

·         fatty acids

·         ketones

·         monosaccharides


10. Click here to view the How It Works animation.

The muscle uses _______ as energy reserves.

·         glucagon

·         glucose

·         glycolysis

·         glycogen


11. ________ splits fatty acids into two-carbon units that form acetyl-CoA and releases high-energy electrons.

·         Anaerobic metabolism

·         Beta-oxidation

·         Lipoprotein lipase

·         The citric acid cycle


12. Aerobic beta oxidation of fatty acids for creating energy (ATP) requires

·         only a steady supply of fatty acids

·         fatty acids, carbohydrate and oxygen

·         fatty acids, protein and oxygen

·         fatty acids, carbohydrate and protein and oxygen


13. Which lipoprotein contains the highest proportion of cholesterol?

·         Chylomicron

·         HDL

·         LDL

·         VLDL


14. All of the following are correct about the metabolism of triglycerides except:

·         Fatty acids are transported into the mitochondria.

·         Beta-oxidation splits fatty acids into two-carbon units that form acetyl-CoA.

·         The glycerol molecule provides most of the energy in the triglyceride.

·         The final step in aerobic respiration produces ATP.


15.  The fat in ice cream

·         Does not contribute to its appeal

·         Makes it rich, creamy, and tasty

·         Does not affect the texture

·         Adds too many calories to be appealing


16. Bile is:

·         produced by the liver

·         stored in the gallbladder

·         released in the small intestine

·         All of these


17. The following are invisible sources of fat in the diet EXCEPT for:

·         Crackers

·         Muffins

·         Butter

·         Ice cream


18. Lipids that are consumed in the diet are absorbed into the intestinal mucosal cells. From here, all of the following molecules, with the exception of ____, are not soluble in water, and are thus packaged for transport.

·         cholesterol

·         fat-soluble vitamins

·         long-chain fatty acids

·         small fatty acids


19. Click here to view the How It Works animation.

The breakup of fat globules during lipid digestion results in ______ triglyceride emulsion droplets.

·         fat soluble      

·         water soluble  

·         protein soluble

·         none of these


20. An enzyme that digests lipids is:

·         amylase

·         lipase

·         protease

·         pepsin


21. Essential amino acids are identified as such because

·         The side chain on these amino acids contains nitrogen

·         The side chain on these amino acids contains at least 3 carbons

·         The side chain on these amino acids cannot be made by humans

·         The side chain on these amino acids contains nitrogen and at least 3 carbons


22. Protein is used as an energy source:

·         preferentially over carbohydrates.

·         exclusively by the brain.

·         during starvation.

·         only during exercise.


23. Someone whose nitrogen output is greater than their nitrogen intake is said to be in

·         nitrogen balance

·         positive nitrogen balance

·         negative nitrogen balance

·         There is insufficient information provided to determine the status.


24. If your diet is only deficient in lysine (lysine is the limiting amino acid), which of the following statements explains the likely change in the synthesis of the protein?

·         The transfer RNA will not have enough lysine for the translation of the messenger RNA so protein synthesis will be impaired

·         The transfer RNA will not have enough lysine for the translation of the messenger RNA but can substitute phenylalanine since both are essential amino acids so protein synthesis will not be effected

·         The transfer RNA will have enough lysine for the translation of the messenger RNA since lysine can be made from carbon and hydrogen and nitrogen sources in the body

·         The transfer RNA will have enough lysine for the translation of the messenger RNA by taking phenylalanine and converting this amino acid to lysine


25. Marasmus is a form of malnutrition that negatively impacts which of the following developing organs the worst?

·         The brain

·         The liver

·         The kidneys

·         The teeth


26. Why is protein-energy malnutrition more common in children than adults?

·         The child’s stomach cannot digest protein from the diet.

·         Adults eat protein sources from the diet that have a higher absorption rate.

·         Because children are growing, their protein needs per unit body weight are higher.

·         Children do not eat enough total calories so that protein must be used as an energy source.


27. Which of the following can be absorbed from the intestinal lumen into the mucosal cells?

·         Single amino acids

·         Dipeptides

·         Tripeptides

·         All of these choices


28. A _________bond joins amino acids together.

·         amino

·         peptide

·         lysine

·         hydrogen


29. Which of the following is the most likely responsible for the health-promoting effects (reduced incidence of obesity, high blood pressure, and some types of cancer) of vegetarian diets?

·         High intake of fiber

·         High intake of tofu

·         Low intake of sodium

·         The total dietary pattern


30. All of the following are correct about protein structure EXCEPT:                       

·         The final protein molecule always consists of one folded polypeptide chain.

·         The order of the amino acids determine how the polypeptide folds.

·         Polypeptide chains may contain hundreds of amino acids.


·         The shape of a protein is essential to its function.


SCI 220 Wiley PLUS Week 2 Quiz

SCI220 SCI/220 WileyPLUS® Week 2 Quiz


WileyPLUS® Week 2 Quiz


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