(Mt) – Applied Research Methods and Statistics Discussion

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I have attached the three separate completed interviews (reports) created using the survey template you provided as an . I will continue working on the interview reflection, and have it over before the deadline.“Pardon me. I am (Name) from the Disaster Medicine and Management graduate program atThomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia (Penna). Would you be willing to give me at least 20minutes of your time to answer some questions about your perception of disaster and anypreparation you have made?”(No)- “Thank you anyway. You may take this list of websites if you would like to findinformation about this in the future.”(Yes)-Thank you. Before we begin, has anyone asked you about disaster and preparation in thelast month?(Yes)- OK. Are there any questions you would like to ask me? Thank you for your time.(No)- Great. This is an educational study for us to learn Applied Research methods. I have somequestions to discuss with you. I will not record any information that can identify you, but rathersome descriptions of your current life, some of your opinions or perceptions, and some limitedfacts about what you might have done to prepare for a possible disaster. None of thisinformation will be shared outside of our class, and nothing will be reported outside of ourclass. I cannot offer you anything for answering these questions, other than to answer some ofyour questions and provide a list of websites dealing with the subject.Some of the questions may seem uncomfortable to think about. You may decline to answer anyquestion, and may stop the interview at any time.Do I have your permission to continue?Start Time:1. What is your birth year? (If after 2002, loop back to the yellow highlighted line.)_______09/12/1976___(For the following lines, check boxes are for the interviewer to code the response for laterrecall. They may be used for prompts after the interviewee has given their response to amplifyor clarify that response.)2. Please tell me a little about where you are currently living (the place you reside atnight). DormitoryApartment  Hi Rise Farm Other______________Row HomeTwinSingle3. Who else lives in the same unit? _______My husband and son_______ AloneFellow student/roommatePartnerFamily Children  Infants4. What medical or special needs for communication, care, or movement do any of thesehome-mates have?______None_____5. What pets live with you now (today)? Our family dog_________6. Tell me a little about how you obtain your daily needs (food, clothing, energy).I usually go food shopping once every two weeks and buy most of the staples that my ourfamily consumed for those two weeks. Scholarship funded ParentsLoansJobOther__________7. Just a little about your educationI received my bachelors from Temple University in English. I am currently working on mymasters degree in education at the TU School of Education.High school Trade school  First year undergraduate undergraduate graduatecontinuing education faculty other staff Other______________8. What is/was your course of study?_Education______9. How do you define your community? I would say that most people tend to keep tothemselves in the building we live in. The neighbor across from us was very helpful ingetting us situated and making us feel comfortable when we first moved in. We stillkeep in touch and talk briefly when we run into each other.10. What community organizations do you consider yourself a member of?My school (temple university), my son’s school, and my building. I also consider myworkplace to be a community.11. What kind of an area do you feel you are currently living in? Please name the area.Definitely in a large urban area. A big city.Farm Country Small town City Big CityWilderness Frontier Rural Suburban Urban12. Please define a Disaster or Major Emergency in your own terms.A disaster would be if there are many people sick or injured, and there are a lot offatalities happening as a result. Those affected aren’t able to receive the help they needto get back to normal quick enough.13. What do you believe are the disasters or major emergencies that could affect your lifewhere you are living?Right now I am really concerned about diseases such as the flu and the coronavirusspreading. I’m also afraid that we could be affected by an event similar to super stormsandy.14. Who do you believe is responsible to provide for your survival in these events?To an extent I am responsible, but officials in government are also responsible forensuring that the necessary resources are made available such as emergency responseteams.15. What have you done to make yourself feel safe against these events?I don’t feel like I really have done much to be honest besides follow the precautions thatI see on the news. I get my flu shot every year and if I am ill I visit the doctor, and don’tgo to work so that I don’t make things worse by spreading germs.16. What have you saved or set aside to make your survival more likely if this (these)disasters were to occur while you were in this living situation?I have a savings account with my husband that we have set aside for a down paymenton a house one day. We could always tap into those savings if an emergency were toaffect our family.17. What do you believe you would need to prevail (be successful) if these events wouldoccur while you were here? I would need shelter, water, medicine, electricity, and gas.18. What, if anything, has prevented you from obtaining those items you have identified?I usually have a lot of things going on with family, work, and school. I don’t pay toomuch mind to a disaster and feel like I have most of the things I need that would beunder my control at least.19. What disaster or major emergency have you experienced? I have experienced black outsin the past that lasted close to a week.20. Please tell me how you dealt with that: Luckily it during the fall and I didn’t need to haveAC so that was not an issue. Water that was already heated in our tank was rationed forthe week. I relied mainly on non-perishable foods that were canned.21. How did that change your preparedness for disaster? What have you done?I haven’t done anything differently since then, although I’ve become more aware aboutthe importance of being prepared. I just don’t worry too much about it.22. What, if any, training in disaster or emergency preparedness or response have you had?I am trained to perform CPR. That is really the only professional training I can point to.23. How long do you think you would be comfortable without a safe space (room orbuilding) to be in? I don’t think I would feel comfortable for more than a day.24. What actions have you taken when confronted with a medical emergency?I schedule an appoint with my PCP if its not too urgent and it can wait a day. If it’s a realemergency I go to either urgent care or emergency room.25. How would you act/ what would you do if a stranger was seriously injured in front ofyou? I would try to help as much as possible and make sure that I called 911 for help.26. How long do you think you could be comfortable without heat or air conditioning?I could probably make due without heat or AC for a few days if the weather isn’t toobad. If its very cold I would definitely need some type of heat source or extra blankets.AC isn’t very important to me.27. How long do you think your body could function in the cold without a source of warmthif the outside was at freezing temperature? (32 degree F/ 0 degree C)Probably for a day or two.28. What would you do to survive in that case (outside in the freezing cold/in a buildingwith no heat)?I would get all the blankets I could and try to insulate myself to keep body heat.29. How would that change if the temperature was only at refrigerator temperature (40degree F/4 degree C)?I probably would do the same thing. I am sensitive to cold temperatures in my opinion.30. How do you get your information on the upcoming major weather conditions?Usually on my phone through notifications from the weather app.31. How long do you feel you could live without a drink of water?Three days32. How long do you feel you could live without cleaning your hands or body? 4-6 months33. How long do you feel you could live without bathroom facilities for stool? a month34. How long do you feel you could live without medicine if all of your community was in agymnasium? It would depend on the type of medical condition I was facing. If I had aserious condition that required medication I would probably not be able to live withoutit. If it was something minor like a headache or an upset stomach I could probably wait itout and drink more water.35. What would you do if you had a cut that got infected, with pus, red streaks up yourlimb, throbbing, and fever? If there was no medicine available?I would seek a medical professional. If I couldn’t get a medical professional I would try tosanitize it and wrap something on it to stop any leakage.36. What do you feel would happen to you without cellphone, telephone, TV, or internet?I already don’t have television or home phone. But I do rely on my internet, andespecially my cell phone. Without it I would feel disconnected and vulnerable not beingable to stay in touch with my family.37. What do you feel would happen you if there were no electricity, and no travel away, forone week? I feel that I could adapt for a week. It would probably be difficult but I couldmanage for a week. I’ve already had to do this in the past. I have a gas stove so heatingnonperishable food wouldn’t be a problem, and I could order out and hav…

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