(Mt) – ECOM 201 SEU Crisis to Business Sectors Essay

Attached. Please let me know if you have any questions or need revisions.Saudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial SciencesE-commerce DepartmentStudent Name:Student ID:Course Title:Course Code:Academic Year/ Semester:CRN:Instructor Name:Student Grade:Grade Level:1Daway Medical CompanyCOVID-19 has caused an extraordinary crisis to business sectors across the world.COVID-19 is a global pandemic that has led to 6,669 deaths and 390,000 confirmed cases inSaudi Arabia (World Health Organization, 2021). The imposition of COVID-19 containmentmeasures such as lockdown and social distancing has significantly affected retail businesses dueto changes in supply, demand, and daily operations. Daway Company is one of the retailbusinesses that has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. As the manager of Daway, Iunderstand the devastating effects the pandemic has caused to the Company’s operations. Theproposed business strategy aims at assisting Daway Company to continue retailing itspharmaceutical products to maintain or surpass the sales volume as detailed below.Limited Options that Daway Have for Dealing with PandemicLimited options that Daway Company has are; to reduce interaction with customersthrough using technology and improve home delivery of pharmaceutical products. Moderntechnology will help Daway to maintain sales and improve customer satisfaction. The proposedapproaches that Daway Company should embrace are; first establishing e-commerce services.The e-commerce services will help the Company continue providing door-door deliveries to allof its customers (Farooq et al., 2019). Moreover, e-commerce services will align with stipulatedmeasures of reducing the spread of COVID-19. Second, a virtual team will be formed. Virtualteams will help to promote home delivery to regular customers. Virtual teams will also help inpromoting Daway’s pharmaceutical products to both new and prospective customers. Membersof the virtual teams will be selected from Company’s employees, and after that, they will betrained on how to sell and market products using digital platforms.Other areas that Daway Company has limited options are; recruitment panel, customercare, and company meeting. One of the measures of containing COVID-19 is social distancing.Due to space limitations, social distancing will be impossible for Daway’s employees. Therefore,managers will be using clockify software to track employees’ work time. Zoom App will be usedwhen conducting meetings, interviews, and customer services. Zoom App will benefit theCompany at large because it offers Google calendar support, support large audiences, helps insteaming meetings, easy to use, and is scalable (Mudambi et al., 2018). Zoom App will eliminateface-face consultations and interviews; thus, reducing COVID-19 transmission at the community2level. Lastly, Daway’s labor division will be revised to reduce incompetent personnel. Laborrevision will help reduce over-utilization of company resources, reduce losses, eliminateredundancy, improve the Company’s economic standing, and pave the way for outsourcingexperts (Hodosi & Rusu, 2019).Level of Technology Urgency Needed by Daway Company to Maintain performanceDaway requires technology urgency in areas of delivery, warehouse activities, andcommunication because they impact sales and performance directly. Keebix is a transportationmanagement software that will help to meet the delivery needs of Daway Company. Kuebix isbuilt based on current cloud computing technology and helps in managing freight and purchases.Kuebix software will be integrated into Daway’s systems to reduce costs, improve productivity,promote ease of use, and improve mobility. This will help to ensure deliveries are on time,eliminate transport delays, track fraudulent transportation activities, and ensure transportationvehicles are not used for other purposes (Huff, 2020). This is a good software for increasing salesand improving overall performance.Daway warehouse will be automated by embracing sophisticated equipment such asautomated storage, autonomous vehicles, and retrieval system. Radiofrequency identification(RFID) will be used in warehouse management to promote rapid-self-recording of receiving,transit unique serial number of products, and improve delivery, thus, promoting efficiency (Jung& Lee, 2015). Modern communication technologies that will help Daway maintain performanceare zoom, clockify, 15five technology, cloud computing, and webchat. Zoom will help DawayCompany conduct virtual meetings, consultations, and interviews (Mudambi et al., 2018).Clockify is a timesheet and time tracker app. The app will help to track work and hours requiredfor each assignment. 15five technology is an evidence-based performance management softwaretool that improves organizational performance and engagement by continually asking questionsat an interval of 15 minutes that helps employees be more experienced and improve their skills(become better selves).Cloud computing will be used to manage and store a company’s data. Cloud computingimproves performance because it has unlimited data storage and backup solutions (Power &Weinman, 2018). Cloud computing services are highly scalable, flexible, reliable, and of highperformance. Cloud computing will help Daway save on the cost by reducing data management3positions and eliminating data storage and retrieval errors. Employees or virtual teams will useweb chat software to communicate with users (customers). Through web chat, Daway willhandle customer complaints, improve customer satisfaction, and updates on Company’s progress.Digital CapabilitiesThe digital capabilities that should be leveraged are; information media and data literacy,digital creation, problem-solving and innovation, collaboration and communication, and dataidentity and wellbeing.Information media and data literacyTechnology changes how company operations were initially conducted. For example,employees will be working virtually, automation of warehouse will eliminate the need forloaders, and RFID (RFID will reduce the need for clerk personnel as around two people will berequired to ensure required stock levels are maintained)(Abugabah et al., 2020). Employees willbe trained about technology to improve their data literacy.Digital creation, innovation, and problem-solvingLeveraging this capability requires educating employees on how to use digital platformsto create content, solve problems, embrace innovativeness to attract customers, ease the orderingprocess, and improve the delivery of pharmaceutical products.Collaboration, communication, and participationThis capability will be leveraged by promoting collaboration and teamwork throughzoom meetings, using communication tools, and breaking down the project into portions forteam participation. Team members will be using web chat to communicate with customers viaemails and live chats to answer questions and troubleshooting ordering problems.Data identity and wellbeingDaway Company will initiate strategies of supporting personal wellbeing and safety. Arobust policy of handling sensitive data will be created. Virtual teams will be educated oneffective data security practices, data will be encrypted, and access identity management will be4introduced in all digital platforms. Online presence of Daway products making it easier forprospective customers to access them. It will also reduce the need for advertising.Virtual Management CharacteristicsVirtual management characteristics that will be implemented in Daway Company are;managing, serving, and product designers. These characteristics will promote proper supervision,maintenance of virtual teams, leadership, and enhanced data analysis to streamline Dawayoperations. Networking teams and product developers are crucial because companies shifted todigital operations, thus requiring experts to assist in developing required medical products anddelivering quality health products to customers (Šmite et al., 2017). The serving team ensuresthere is an effective and timely response to ordering constraints, customer queries, andcomplaints. Managing teams will help to ensure all management decisions are made on time.How Virtual Team Will Work TogetherVirtual teams will be working from geographical areas. Zoom App will be used topromote collaboration and cooperation among team members. Zoom will help the virtual teaminteract during weekly meetings and conferences to promote teamwork through face-to-faceonline communication. During conferences, teams will discuss the most practical strategies forrunning the Company. Each of them will be required to contribute significantly to the motionduring zoom meetings. Virtual teams will be required to use a computing system. The computingsystem will help virtual teams to improve the performance of the Company’s project. It willallow team members to add the required computers based on workload demand because thesystem is very scalable. With this, items required by customers will be created easily. Forexample, suppose the service personnel identifies customer complaints. In that case, informationwill be easily shared through crowd space to managing personnel, who will, in return, share theinformation with product designers.Tools for Communicating with Task ManagementThe virtual team will use zoom for conversations and meetings. Other communicationtools that the team will use are; cloud computing system, 15five technology, and Daway’s phonenumber (Mudambi et al., 2018). Workzone software will also be used for communication.Workzone software will help teams to keep a personalized to-do list that is easily emailed each5day. It facilities easy way of sharing and storing documents for each project, offers a goodportfolio for viewing all progressing project across the team, it has comprehensive onboardingand robust support, improves project tracking because it has a calendar and interactive Ganttchart, improves reporting, and sharing of files such as importing MS projects files and MicrosoftExcel files (Spilker, 2019).How New Changes will be delivered within Short Time to Different LocationsWhen communicating changes to different locations in terms of time, language, political,economic, and cultural differences in the shortest time possible, a representative will be used.After the information is shared, using the digitalized platform, the representatives in eachlocation will immediately share information with the people with their language. Representativesare selected based on their conversance with the language and people they represent. Companyrepresentatives will help to ensure information is shared comprehensively in the shortest timepossible. Other conditions that will be taken into consideration in the manufacturing of medicalproducts.Representatives will be conducting routine online benchmarks to gather more informationabout their locations. The information will help to ensure manufactured pharmaceutical productsare acquainted with the needs of each cultural group. The Company will have daytime and nightshift workers to ensure products are readily available 24/7 and information is communicated ontime. The pharmaceutical products will be broken down into various quantities to ensure peoplefrom economically disadvantaged areas can access and use our products. In order to conductbusiness that aligns with government rules and regulations, all decisions regarding the Companywill be made based on objective criteria.Techniques for Creating a Strong Team with High Level of TeamworkAs a global manager overseeing all Daway plants in Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, andJordan, techniques that will be used to create a strong team and teamwork are sharing a clearvision and setting achievable goals and objectives of the Company. Second, ensuring there isclear communication to ensure all valuable information and updates for organizational goals arecommunicated on time. Clear and timely communication helps virtual teams to be morededicated to achieving the organizational goals in unison. The third technique ensuring6competent managers are hired in each location (skills and competencies of managers). Amanager is a support system, and the performance of a team depends on the manager’s abilitiesand skills.Managers will be required to relate well with all team members, set achievable goals,focus on the role assigned to each team member, and value each other roles as an essential parttoward the realization of set goals. The last technique will be to celebrate all success and identifyareas of weakness after completing each project milestone. The team members will have amonthly meeting when all successes and failures are identified. Celebrating project milestones’success promotes teamwork and improves team members’ dedication because they feel theircontribution and efforts are celebrated. Also, it offers an excellent opportunity for team membersto direct their effort toward failed project milestones.Advantages and Disadvantages of Managing Virtual TeamsAdvantages of managing virtual teams are; first is great flexibility. Virtual teams offerflexibility to employees and the Company. Virtual teams allow employees to work from thecomfort of their home or their preferred work environment. Managing a virtual team isadvantageous to a company as it can easily scale up and down. Moreover, a virtual team helpscompanies to offers customer services 24/7. Second, managing a virtual team improvesproductivity due to the use of highly accurate technological tools and the elimination ofunnecessary meetings, which saves on cost. Third, managing a virtual team lowers costs (Bhat etal., 2016). The Company incurs less cost of renting, material costs, and transportation which isre-invested back to the Company. Fourth, virtual teams easily interact with other teams in otherlocations using communication technology, increasing collaboration, teamwork, and satisfactionamong team members.Disadvantages of managing virtual teams are; it is harder to manage due to a lack of faceface conversation and physical cues. Physical distance may make team members feeldemotivated to work alone. Secondly, it is harder to team-build a virtual team because creating aculture that inspires people from a different locations is hard (Bhat et al., 2016). It is difficult toensure team members build loyalty to the team versus build loyalty to themselves. Third,managing virtual times has security risks due to cyber-attack as all essential data of the Companyis stored in a cloud. Moreover, it requires the Company to have centralized HR tools for7leverage. Maintaining people in different locations requires companies to be conversant withhiring practices, employment laws, and payroll taxes for different locations.Conflicts that are Likely to Occur between MembersMajor conflicts that are likely to occur between members in a virtual team are; schedulingconflict, conflicting project priorities, social conflicts, and performance conflict. Schedulingconflict occurs when members in a virtual team fail to disagree on when a project milestoneshould be started and the date of delivering results. This conflict will be solved by ensuring that acomprehensive schedule plan defining when and time that will be taken to complete each projectmilestone before the commencement of a project. Conflicting project priorities occurs in a teamwhen some of the team members feel some project milestones are more beneficial to theCompany than others. If team members fail to agree on which project milestones have moreobjective value to the Company than others, it leads to priorities conflict. To manage prioritiesconflict, team members will have a detailed project plan with set priorities along with the netpresent value of each project.Performance conflict between team members occurs when one or two member fails tomeet the set target. Performance conflict also arises due to the failure of team members tocomplete project milestones on time. A performance tracker will be set. Each team member willbe required to provide routine updates of their progress. Social conflict occurs when thepersonalities of team members differ. Clear communication with mutually satisfying alternativeswill be used to solve the social conflict in a team.Management of Outsourced ProjectsAs the manager, outsourced projects will be managed as follows; first, setting anoutsourcing team that is conversant with the goals and objectives of Daway Company. Secondly,ensuring that the outsourcing team connects to parties that offer a project that has positivefinancial value to the Company. Third, ensuring there is a project management team that helps inthe management of outsourced projects. Fourth, implementing communication software forensuring communication there is effective communication flow from outsourcing department,project management, and financial department to ensure the outsourced project is approved bythe necessary department and does not strain company finances. Lastly, educating and guiding8team members on how to initiate different project tasks with efficiency to reduce over-utilizationof company resources.Techniques for Motivating Company’s Team for ImprovementThe following techniques will be used to motivate the Company’s team members forimprovement. The first technique is creating a work culture where every team member feelsvalued for their contribution to the team. Second, ensuring there is clear and frequentcommunication to boost team success (Lee & Raschke, 2016). Third, training and development.Semi-annual career progression training will be encouraged to expand the skills and experiencesof team members, which will ultimately lead to performance improvement. Fourth, creating apositive and friendly work environment where employees can air their complaints and receivefeedback. The last, defining a career path through regular appraisals and target setting. Thistechnique will help the team to focus on progression opportunities toward the realization of theset goal.ConclusionThe proposed business strategy of Daway Company aims at shifting to e-commerce toprevent the spread of COVID-19. Virtual teams will be used to sell and market Daway products.Zoom App will be used to conduct company meetings and conferences. Clockify software willbe used to track employees’ work time. Keebix is transportation management software that willhelp to meet the delivery needs. The warehouse will be automated with RFID. Moderncommunication technologies that will be used are zoom, clockify, 15five technology, cloudcomputing, and webchat. The characteristics of Daway’s virtual management will be managing,serving, and product designers. Zoom and Workzone software will be used to enhancecommunication with task management. Representatives from different locations will be used toensure communication reaches people in different locations on time.Techniques that will be used to create a strong team are; sharing a clear vision, mission,and goal of the Company, implanting effective communication strategy, directing hiring ofcompetent managers, celebrating team successes. The outsourced project will be managed asfollows; setting outsourcing team, connecting outsourcing team with parties that offer projectsthat benefit the Company, setting up the project management team, implementing9communication software, and educating the team on how to effectively handle critical projects toeliminate losses and over-utilization of company resources. Techniques that will be used tomotivate the company team for improvement are; promoting positive work culture, frequentcommunication, training, and development, defining a career path, and ensuring all team worksin a friendly work environment.10ReferencesAbugabah, A., Nizamuddin, N., & Abuqabbeh, A. (2020). A review of challenges and barriersimplementing RFID technology in the healthcare sector. Procedia ComputerScience, 170, 1003-1010. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.procs.2020.03.094Bhat, S. K., Pande, N., & Ahuja, V. (2016). Virtual team effectiveness. International Journal ofVirtual and Personal Learning Environments, 6(1), 117. https://doi.org/10.4018/ijvple.2016010101Farooq, Q., Fu, P., Hao, Y., Jonathan, T., & Zhang, Y. (2019). A review of management andimportance of e-Commerce implementation in service delivery of private expressenterprises of China. SAGE Open, 9(1),215824401882419. https://doi.org/10.1177/2158244018824194Hodosi, G., & Rusu, L. (2019). IT outsourcing: Definition, importance, trends, and research.Risks, Relationships and Success Factors in IT Outsourcing, 19. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-05925-5_1Huff, A. (2020, August 25). All roads lead through Trimble: A new vision of connectivity.Commercial Carrier Journal. https://www.ccjdigital.com/business/article/14939901/allroads-lead-through-trimble-a-new-vision-of-connectivityJung, K., & Lee, S. (2015). A systematic review of RFID applications and diffusion: Key areasand public policy issues. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, andComplexity, 1(1). https://doi.org/10.1186/s40852-015-0010-zLee, M. T., & Raschke, R. L. (2016). Understanding employee motivation and organizationalperformance: Arguments for a set-theoretic approach. Journal of Innovation &Knowledge, 1(3), 162-169. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jik.2016.01.004Mudambi, R., Li, L., Ma, X., Makino, S., Qian, G., & Boschma, R. (2018). Zoom in, Zoom out:Geographic scale and multinational activity. Journal of International BusinessStudies, 49(8), 929-941. https://doi.org/10.1057/s41267-018-0158-4Power, B., & Weinman, J. (2018). Revenue growth is the primary benefit of the cloud. IEEECloud Computing, 5(4), 89-94. https://doi.org/10.1109/mcc.2018.043221018Šmite, D., Moe, N. B., Šāblis, A., & Wohlin, C. (2017). Software teams and their knowledgenetworks in large-scale software development. Information and SoftwareTechnology, 86, 71-86. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.infsof.2017.01.00311Spilker, J. (2019, September 26). The 12 most popular project management articles of 2017.Workzone. https://www.workzone.com/blog/project-management-articles-2017/World Health Organization. (2021). Saudi Arabia: WHO coronavirus disease (COVID-19)dashboard. WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard | WHO Coronavirus Disease(COVID-19) Dashboard. https://covid19.who.int/region/emro/country/sa12Kindly use this file as the final version of the assignment. Thank youSaudi Electronic UniversityCollege of Administrative and Financial SciencesE-commerce Department…

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