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HelloFind the attachedOutlineI.II.III.IV.V.VI.VII.VIII.Company overviewVisionMissionSWOT AnalysisCorporate social ResponsibilityPorters Five Force modelBusiness StrategyReferencesRunning head: APPLE INC1Apple IncStudents nameInstitutionDateAPPLE INC2Company OverviewBeing a multinational firm that is based in the USA, Apple has its headquartersin Cupertino, California. It was established by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in January1976 and incorporated in 1977 January (Apple 2015). The firm designs manufactureand markets electronics, computer software, and personal computers. Among the firm’sproducts that are best-known is the range of personal computers, iPads, iPhones, andiPods. The company also sells software which entails Final cut studio which is a suiteproduction for video and music, the iTunes media browser, Aperture a professionalsoftware for photography, Logic studio a music production suite, and Mac Os Xoperating system. To add to this, the company also offers several services like AppleArcade, which is a subscription service for gaming, Apple music a great experiencelistening to radio stations, and Apple TV for original content (Apple History 2015)According to Apple and the online store, the firm has over 300 stores in 10different Nations and this was as of May 2012. Analysts have dared suggest that thefirm has more money than the United States government. This means that Apple isamong the largest technology companies in the world. According to Apple, thecompany has more than 60,000 permanent employees and 2,800temporary employeesworldwide. The firm sells its products via wholesalers, both retail and online stores,and carriers of third-party cellular network (Turakhia et al., 2019)VisionAccording to the company website, Apple, Inc’s vision is “to make the bestproducts on earth, and to leave the world better than we found it.”APPLE INC3MissionAccording to their website, Apple, Inc’s corporate mission statement is “to bring thebest personal computing products and support to students, educators, designers, scientists,engineers, businesspersons and consumers in over 140 countries around the world.”SWOT AnalysisEvery company does a SWOT analysis to determine its position in the market (Bruijl,2018). It is a handy tool as it helps each company understand and make sound businessdecisions in various situations. SWOT is an abbreviation for strengths, weaknesses,opportunities, and threats. This analysis is essential for strategic planning, competitorevaluation, and business planning. Weaknesses and Strengths are internal things within a firm,which can be controlled and changed by the firm (Park & Mithas 2020).In contrast, opportunities and threats are usually external factors that outside of thefirm’s control. These things happen in the larger market which the company can only takeadvantage of but cannot change. Since Apple is a significant player in the technology industry,it is therefore required to carry out a SWOT analysis to make sound business decisions. Anorganization’s strength such as Apple Inc, are factors that give it an added advantage overcompetitors. Therefore, the internal analysis looks at an organization’s available corecompetencies and available resources. It gauges the company’s workforce, currentmanagement, marketing objectives, and resources (Park & Mithas,2020). Therefore, Apple Inchas several strengths.StrengthsApple Inc has high-profit margins due to high revenue streams from the sales of itsproducts and services. Most significant is the iTunes platform which is available for variousproducts by Apple is usually compatible with the Windows platforms, this brings in highrevenue (Turakhia et al., 2019) Continuous innovation is another superior strength AppleAPPLE INCpossesses by producing quality, innovative, and easy to use products. According toApple Inc, the company spends $1.5 billion each year to develop new products,enabling the company to attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases fromexisting clients. Customer loyalty. Apple has been able to attract loyal customers dueto its stable and reliable products. This is because the company periodically providesupdates to all its operatic systems and applications for its devices which keeps thecustomers satisfied and willing to buy the firm’s new products. Finally, due to the firm’shealthy financial performance, Apple can invest in any undertaking that themanagement feels will be profitable to the company (Kim 2018).WeaknessesIdentifying an organization’s weakness helps it know its problem areas andmake the necessary changes (Bruijl,2018). Apple’s limited distribution network hasplayed a disadvantageous role to the company. Apple has an exclusivity policy whereit selects carefully and authorizes its product sellers. This strategy limits the company’smarket reach. Premium pricing strategy disadvantages Apple from reaching a broadermarket. This means that apple targets a high-end market; therefore, customers fromlower classes cannot afford their products. Due to the complex hardware and softwarenature of the products, some people cannot use Apple products effectively and thereforeopt for more comfortable models from Apple’s competitors.OpportunitiesThe firm has got the opportunity to expand its network of distribution, therebyreaching more clients. The company can decide to change its distribution network togain more customers (Kim, 2018). Due to Apple’s strong reputation in the market forhigh-quality products, new products will be well received in the market. Therefore, thecompany can be assured of a ready demand for new products. There is currently an4APPLE INC5increased number of viruses and worms that can prove an excellent opportunity for Apple toincrease its market share by producing computers since viruses cannot attack Mac OScomputers.ThreatsTough competition in the market. Competition is high and intense in the technologysector (Bruijl, 2018). Apple now faces fierce competition from other players in the market.Such firms like Samsung also use rapid innovation. Some of these firms are now producingimitation products of Apple. It is almost impossible to tell the difference between an iPhone6plus and a Samsung s7. These imitations are serving as low-cost substitutes for customerswho cannot afford the real product. Rising labour costs in Apple plants will affect thecompany’s profit margins and increase selling prices. Therefore, the company’s performancewill suffer.Corporate Social ResponsibilityAccording to Investopedia, corporate social responsibility is a model of business that isself-regulating which helps a firm to be accountable to itself socially, the firm’s stakeholders,and also the public. It implies that a firm would be engaging in ways that will improve theenvironment and also the society. There are several programs a company can use to engage incorporate social resistibility, such as volunteer programs and philanthropy (Park & Mithas,2020). Apple has made significant strides in corporate social responsibility. By 2018, Applewas able to achieve 100% use of renewable energy for its operations. Apple uses 100%renewable electricity for all its facilities in all 34 countries it operates in worldwide. Apple hasalso been able to engage in a water stewardship program to control freshwater use bycontrolling the quality of water it discharges from the Apple system. Around the areas Appleoperates from, it has engaged the communities to ensure access to clean water. The companyAPPLE INC6also uses recycled water. According to Apple, the use of recycled water grew from24million gallons to 63million gallons.The company has encouraged the use of recycled materials. Apple itself usesaluminium, cobalt, and tin to make its products. Apple is also invested in girl’seducation empowerment. By partnering with other organizations, Apple supports girl’seducation and advocates for equal opportunities by providing technology and financialaid (Shastitko et al., 2020) Apple also has a carbon footprint reduction which it hasmade its suppliers a partner to. According to Apple, its most significant achievementhas been a higher focus on inclusion and diversity inside the organization. The companyis heavily invested in the training of its employees. There is a training program for 18months which is designed to improve safety and the health of employees in the industryworldwide. The firm also has a group of health clinics for employee families too.According to Apple, the firm has partnered with the conservation fund so as to be ableto protect 36,000 hectares of sustainable forest land in North Carolina.Engaging in corporate social responsibility ensures an organization has acompetitive advantage over its competitors (Kim, 2018). A competitive advantage is aunique characteristic that enables an organization to outperform its competitors. Itgenerates value for the company and its shareholders. Apple Inc by engaging incorporate social responsibility has been able to attract and maintain highly skilledlabour, is able to manufacture its products at a lower cost due to the use of renewableenergy. Most importantly, Apple has been able to improve its brand image recognitionsignificantly.Porters Five Forces ModelPorter’s five forces model is a framework that assists in analysing competitionlevels in a particular industry. The five forces include the bargaining power of clients,APPLE INC7the supplier’s bargaining power, the new entrant’s threats, the threat due to substitute products,and competitive rivalry that exists within an industry (Varelas & Georgopoulos, 2017). Theapplication of the Porter five forces framework will enable Apple to establish its position inthe market.Bargaining Power of SuppliersA supplier is a person or a business that offers a product or service to another entity(Kim, 2018). Suppliers offer various raw materials, which are then used in the manufacturingof specific products. The industry’s number of suppliers usually determines the supplier’sbargaining power in any industry. Therefore, few suppliers imply that suppliers have gotmore bargaining power. The smartphone industry’s supplier threat is high due to theavailability of few suppliers of digital signaling systems and operating systems. Therefore,few suppliers can manipulate the market because of the increased bargaining power theypossess.The Threat of New Entrants.The New entrant’s threats in an industry are deemed to be higher if it is easier for aninvestor to invest in that particular industry (Varelas & Georgopoulos 2017). The barriers putin place will determine the degree that threats of new entrants pose. In the smartphone industry,it is very hard to venture into since it requires heavy investment in terms of capital and researchand development as well as marketing costs as unusually high (Kim, 2018).The Threat of Substitute ProductsSubstitute goods are two products that can be used for the same purpose. If the price ofone product rises, then the demand for the other product increases since it can be used in theplace of the other (Varelas & Georgopoulos 2017). Emails and fax can be substitutes for thetablet, smartphone, and the pc. However, the threat of substitute products is not very highbecause they cannot …

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