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View attached explanation and answer. Let me know if you have any questions.hi i as unable to edit the google docs but i have written all the subtopics given kindly find your answer attachedWyndham Audit ReportEthical issuesWyndham has been dealing with an ethical issue: the exposure of hundreds of customers’credit cards. This case happened in 2012 but was dealt with in 2016. The case was based on thefraud that occurred where the Wyndham hotels were accused of violating the customer’s privacy.Most of the customers took a hit when there were fraudulent charges that the FTC reported. Thecustomers had a data breach in their accounts, and the data from their payments card was sent to aRussian IP address (“What you didn’t read about the Wyndham case,” 2016). This caused manyaccounts to lose money. The FTC took this seriously since the privacy policy was broken, andtherefore it caused the injury. FTC reported that the Wyndham security practices were unfair to itscustomers, and there was a breach of privacy.Additionally, different theories are based on different sets of moral rules based on ethicaltheories. Eight ethical theories originated from other starting points. One of the ethical theories isethical relativism, which arose because humans are classified as social beings. Ethical egoism hasbeen related to most people being self-interested (Birsch, 2013). Emotivism is classified becausepeople have emotions and reactions to their feelings. Utilitarianism has been based on the fact thateveryone wants to be happy. Therefore, ethics is based on an investigation of how people tend tolive.The utilitarianism theory is an ethical theory that has been based on the fact that everyonewants to be happy. The idea is supposed to determine right from wrong while it focuses on theoutcomes. Utilitarianism is a theory that is a form of consequentialism. This theory holds that it isone of the most ethical choices since it produces the most of the greatest good for a more significantnumber. Utilitarianism is good for the business because of the way it reasons about the accountsand the benefits for a business. Although this ethical theory seems to be the most appealing theoryfor public relations, it does not relate to decision-making. Three different issues arise whiledepending on this theory to make decisions involving public relations.First, other than looking at the issue, the decision-makers are forced to look at the potentialoutcomes of the issue at hand to decide what is ethical. Ethics should be based on the decisionmaking process rather than waiting for the outcome to determine the decision in the real world.The second issue is based on practical ethics. It presents the concepts that involve some questionson conflicts regarding the parts of the society that are important by checking the outcome. Thedecision may harm the minority group, but it becomes worthy of the majority benefits from it. Thethird issue arises since predicting an outcome is not always possible. The consequences of an actionare very much impossible to predict. While one uses the outcomes to measure ethics, it might notprovide the right outcome since it will not be accurate. Therefore, this becomes another inefficientway for public relations to make decisions.In the case of Wyndham hotels, there was Utilitarian theory since they decided to settlewith FTC and never considered the injury they caused. Although the breach came from a franchiseof the Wyndham could mean that the whole brand was damaged. In this case, the fraud led to manypeople getting defrauded. Still, since they opted for settling, there was utilitarianism since itshowed they decided without considering the outcome.Virtue theoryAnother theory is the virtue theory. This theory is also known as virtue ethics, and it hasreceived attention over the past few years. It has a comparison to both the practical theory anddeontological theory. The virtue theory emphasizes the value of the virtues other than using theformal rules or results that come out of formal rules. Aristotle was named the first person torecognize the importance of virtues in humans. He saw the importance of people’s values and howthey were essential and considered that people’s values require the use of virtues.The virtue theory considers the values and the morals of one’s character, reputation, andmotivation when rating the behavior that is believed to be unethical. Therefore, when asked aboutthe virtue theory, some crucial virtues arise related to ethics in real life (Gordijn et al., 2020). Thevirtue theory is essential since it holds essential values important in society: trustworthiness,respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.About the Wyndham case with FTC, since there was defraud and the customers’ privacywas lost, it made the trustworthiness of the company lose trust from their customers. Also, theyhad various issues with the FTC since they didn’t take the responsibility to protect their customersfrom defrauders. This caused a more significant deal since it’s the customer’s responsibility totheir customers from any harm. They exposed their customers to fraud, therefore, losing their care.Wyndham is a multinational company, and therefore it should always be ready to take careof its customers despite anything that comes in its way. The case was in 2012, but it was latersettled in 2016. This was done in court, and Wyndham was proposed to protect its brand with thepeople. The adverse effects that came out of the settlement were Wyndham was to be audited, andalso, since it was the card data that was breached, they agreed that Wyndham was to build a morerobust data wall to protect their customer’s data. This showed that the company was sorry for whathad happened to their customers, and they needed to protect their customers at any cost since theirbrand reputation had been ruined.Five forces frameworkWhile utilizing the five forces framework helps determine the competitive advantage overother companies. The competitive forces of one company are different from one company toanother. Therefore, for Wyndham hotels, the competitive strengths are:•Competitive pressures are associated with the market maneuvering over the other rivalseller.•There are competitive pressures that are associated with the threat of new entrants•Competitive pressures that come for other companies to be able to win their customers withsubstitute packages.•Competitive pressures from the bargaining power of the suppliers.•Competitive pressures from the bargaining power of the buyers.Therefore, while looking at Wynd…

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