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Project Management Assessment About this Assessment These assessment tasks provide an opportunity to demonstrate the competencies covered in the Project Management subject. The assessment is based on the same scenario that you used in the CCNA Network Installation assessment. The difference is that this time you will be managing the project rather than doing the technical work yourself. You are allowed to refer to your text books, notes and the Internet during the Assessment. The documentation and research work must be entirely your own. By commencing this assessment you confirm that you have read and agree to abide by the ACIT Academic Honesty Policy Successful completion of this assessment contributes towards attaining competency in the following: ICTICT401 Determine and confirm client business requirements ICTPMG401 Support small scale ICT projects ICTICT418 Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment There are 3 parts to this assessment: Determine Project Requirements Scheduling and Managing Question and answer These assessment tasks provide an opportunity for you to demonstrate the competencies required to manage projects and protect stakeholder interests. To demonstrate competence you must show your ability to do the following: Determine and confirm client business requirements ·Determine context of business need or problem ·Gather information ·Confirm system specifications Support small scale ICT projects ·Support project commencement ·Support project plan development ·Support project completion ·Support project closure Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an ICT environment ·Protect intellectual property ·Contribute to copyright policy ·Contribute to privacy policy ·Maintain privacy policy ·Contribute to creation of ethics code ·Maintain ethics code Overview of Assessment Tasks You are to develop a Project Plan for the installation and commissioning of Western Mining’s branch office network. The Plan must meet the requirement of the Steering committee indicated in the meeting minutes in the scenario below. At a minimum, the Project Plan is to include: A definition of the project, outcomes to be delivered, a budget estimate and an estimated timeframe for the project’s completion. A stakeholder analysis showing involved persons and their relation to the project. A Work Breakdown Structure for the project. A Gantt chart showing required tasks, their duration and resource assignment. A Communications Plan including a communications register stating the communications requirements of the project, the mechanism of communication (email, phone, website etc) and the frequency (as required, weekly, monthly etc.) A Risk Management Plan including a risk register showing potential risks to the project, their probability and cost. Mitigation and/or risk avoidance strategies are to be described. A Project Closure Report. Ways to protect stakeholder interests relating to privacy, copyright, and ethics. In preparing your Project Plan remember that the document should answer the questions stakeholders would have about the work to be undertaken. The Plan should reflect your understanding of the client’s needs and the various roles of the stakeholders. The Plan is also to demonstrate your understanding of the PMI project methodology. Your WBS should indicate a logical layout of the activities to be completed. Your project schedule (Gantt Chart) should include all the items on the WBS. You should include Steering Committee meetings in the schedule and possibly project team meetings (you could demonstrate your ability to use the recurring task feature of Microsoft Project). A post-project review activity should also be included to ensure that the learnings of the project are preserved. Scenario: You are employed by Pacific IT Solutions as a project manager. Your job description is to manage the implementation of IT solutions. One of your long-time customers, Western Mining, has their head office in Sydney and is opening a branch office in Brisbane. You have been contracted to project manage the setup the network. Pacific IT Solutions has assigned you 2 technical staff to work on this project: Staff Hourly Rate Availability Senior network engineer $120 5 hours per week Junior network engineer $30 40 hours per week A meeting has been held to kick off the project. The minutes of the meeting are as follows: Meeting Minutes Meeting: Branch Office Network Initiation Meeting Venue: Western Mining Head Office Attendees: JTK James T. Kirk, Manger, Western Mining DT Deana Troy, Senior Systems Architect, Western Mining JC Jack Crusher, Branch Office Manager, Western Mining You Project Manager, Pacific IT Solutions Pty. Ltd. General welcome and introductions. JTK – The new branch office will have only a small number of staff to begin with but as new projects come on line the number of staff could greatly increase . DT – The facility will be provisioned for the number of staff we have now but the network design should allow for up to 510 staff per department. You – How many departments will there be? JTK – 4, Sales, Operations, Management, and Exploration. · DT – We have some specific security requirements. The management department’s server must not be accessible from the other 3 departments but the management department’s staff must have full access to the other 3 department’s networks. All hosts, including all servers, require internet access. You – what type of service will you use to connect the offices? DT – We have an E1 service with Telstra at the head office. We are getting one for the branch office as well. This will be OK for now but it is expensive so we are looking for cheaper and faster options. By the way we plan to install a non cisco router at the head office end of the link in a few months. You – The NBN will be rolled out in the area soon. We can look at other options when that happens. I have made a note of the non Cisco router. Do you have an IP addressing scheme I need to follow? DT – The head office uses the network for its private addresses. Head office requires you to use the network for private addresses. JC – I have a quote from the electrician for power and data. You will need to check it to make sure the data cabling they are planning to install is suitable for our requirements. You – OK I will check that and get back to you. JTK – I want you to submit a network design proposal with a fully costed bill of materials and a network diagram. You – OK I will forward that to you. JTK – No forward it to Deana, she will be signing off on that. You – OK. Deana do you have any specific requirements? · DT – Yes. You should use one Cisco 2811 router and 2960 switches in the initial design. Head office requires a remote login to the switches and router. IP address should be assigned dynamically. We need 20 PC’s and 1 server per department. You will need to supply the cables and connectors as required. You will be configuring both ends of the WAN link. We will run OSPF across the link. JTK – Once Deana signs off you can proceed. You will need to coordinate everything with Jack. DT – When the network is fully installed we will need to set up our network monitoring systems. Can you research some SNMP monitoring software that we could use? DT – Just one last thing, after this installation is complete we plan to put in a wireless network so I will get you to do a wireless site survey while you are there. You – OK. I have all that noted. You will be getting my proposal shortly. · Next Meeting: To be convened by Pacific IT Solutions. You are provided with the following: 1.Microsoft Project Professional 2016 and product key 2.The following documents: a)Project Management Guide book (Note: this book contains links to templates which you can buy but don’t need to. The templates are not required to complete this assessment and there is no requirement to buy them) b)Project Charter Template c)Template – Risk Form d)Template – Risk Management Process e)Template – Risk Plan f)Template -Risk Register g)Communications Management Plan Template h)Project Closure Report Template i)Western Mining Org Chart j)Privacy Act 1998 k)Privacy policies of NEC, MACQUARIE TELECOM, and NEXTDC LIMITED l)Short Guide to Copyright m)ACS code of ethics, iinet code of conduct, NBN code of conduct Part 1 – Determine Project Requirements Task 1 Write a detailed description of the client’s requirements and draft 3 questions that you may need to ask the steering committee to clarify their requirements or get additional information. Task 2 Prepare a Work Breakdown Structure for the project Task 3 Prepare a stakeholder analysis showing involved persons and their relation to the project. List 3 data gathering techniques that you could use as a project manager to get this information. Task 4 Complete the Project Charter document.Draft an email to James T. Kirk advising him that you have attached the Project Charter document and requesting his approval, comments, and/or any changes that are required. Task 5 List 3 SNMP monitors that Western Mining could use to collect and display SNMP data. Ref: http://www.cacti.net/index.php Ref: https://www.paessler.com/prtg Ref: https://www.opennms.org/en Part 2 – Scheduling and Managing Task 1 Use Microsoft Project to create a Gantt chart showing required tasks, their duration, resource assignment and critical path. Task 2 Prepare a communications Plan including a communications register stating the communications requirements of the project, the mechanism of communication (email, phone, website etc) and the frequency (as required, weekly, monthly etc.) Task 3 Create a Risk Management Plan including a risk register showing potential risks to the project, their probability and cost. Mitigation and/or risk avoidance strategies are to be described. Task 4 Prepare a Project Closure Report that identifies the project outcomes and lessons learned. Part 3 – Question and Answer Question 1 References: Interviewing Techniques During the initial stages of the project you will interview a range of stakeholders to gather information about project requirements, risks, and assumptions.Name 2 types of questions that you should include in interviews? Question 2 Privacy requirements References: Privacy Act 1988 Now that Western Mining are expanding their operations it is essential that their policies and procedures comply with current Australian requirements. You have been tasked with reviewing and revising their Privacy Policy and Procedures to ensure that they comply with regulatory requirements. As with many organisations Western Mining currently do not adequately protect the privacy of identity information they collect and store on their customers and staff. At the present time Western Mining have a written privacy policy but that is all. The Western Mining Privacy Policy is as follows: “In all areas of our business we seek to protect the privacy of our customer’s data. We will not: -divulge any private data on our customers unless explicitly required to by law -all private data will be treated in-confidence and stored in secure storage facilities when not in use -all private data on our customers will be archived to secure facilities after three years of inactivity i.e. three years after the last trip booked through Western Mining -credit card details will not be stored, only a card transaction identified(last four digits of the credit card) will be kept against a transaction.” Your task is to: 1. Review the above privacy policy and identify any shortcomings. 2. Construct a Privacy Policy and Procedures Manual that adheres to the 13 privacy principles and corrects the deficiencies, if any, that you have identified in the privacy policy outlines above. The Privacy Policy and Procedures Manual should include: -Statements of Western Mining new policy in regard to protection of private data. A statement on each of the privacy principles in Australian privacy legislation is required. These policy statements must address both customer data and employee data since the information collected and the frequency of refresh (or deletion) will differ between the two data sets. -A procedures statement as to how Western Mining will achieve adherence to the privacy principles. This translates the policy statements into activities required to achieve the policy. Note that while there will typically be a policy statement for each privacy principle, a procedures statement may cover more than one principle. For instance an end-of-month processes might archive a subset of identity data (deleting sensitive data no longer needed) and purge archive data that has not been refreshed. In preparing your document you should: -refer to the privacy principles in the Federal law regarding protection of privacy data -refer to technology such as website security mechanisms for protecting Western Mining client details while they are using on-line services -make use of mechanisms such as secure file transfer technology (HTTPS, SSL etc.) -use an information architecture approach whereby identities records consist of sensitive and non-sensitive pieces of data that can be treated differently in order to adhere to privacy legislation -describe how privacy protection procedures will apply to back-ups and storage of files containing sensitive data -use secure database management technology so that access to sensitive attributes in the data will be controlled with timely and accurate authentication of database administrators -include direction on physical network layout that ensures, for instance, a workstation capable of accessing sensitive personal information is not placed in an open office environment in which the screen could be viewed by non-authorised persons. You have been provided with the privacy policies of NEC, MACQUARIE TELECOM, and NEXTDC LIMITED for reference. You may also use any other publicly available privacy policy of any organization as a reference. Question 3 Copyright References: Short Guide to copyright, useful links. One of your roles as Project Manager is to oversee intellectual property and copyright compliance. Answer the following questions in relation to this role. 3.1 Name Australian legislation that deals with the following areas of intellectual property and copyright: Patents Trade Marks Designs Plant Breeders Rights Circuit Layouts Copyright 3.2 A colleague has found an interesting article in an industry journal and suggests that it should be scanned and emailed to all staff. What would you advise your colleague? 3.3 You discover that one of the clients for which Western Mining provides hosting services operates a website that encourages members of the public to upload commercially available music and videos which can then be downloaded by anyone else. Is Western Mining in breach of copyright legislation? Why or why not? You may write your answer below or submit a word processed document. Ref: http://www.iinet.net.au/about/mediacentre/copyright-case/ 3.4 Write a copyright policy for Western Mining that describes how Western Mining views and deals with these issues. (To be submitted as a word processed document) (You should consult the references provided) iinet copyright policy http://www.iinet.net.au/about/legal/about-copyright/ YouTube copyright policy https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2797466 Facebook copyright policy https://www.facebook.com/legal/copyright.php Question 4 Ethics References: ACS code of ethics, iinet code of conduct, NBN code of conduct. Write a code of conduct for Western Mining that will inform anyone working for Western Mining of the standard of behaviour expected. (You should consult the references provided) (To be submitted as a word processed document)

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